Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Staying Home

A few weeks ago, my principal visited my room during recess and said, "All right, girl. I've got to know what your plan is for next year." I had been anticipating this moment ever since the day I accepted my first teaching job knowing that when the first baby came along I would be exiting my career. "I'm going to go home and be a mom," I answered, relieved the second I said it that it was out. See, when my principal hired me, she made me feel like she felt lucky to have found me. In her eyes I saw her having visions of the type of asset I would be to our school in five or six years with all the first years of teaching bumps ironed out. That's why I didn't expect the response that came afterwards. "Good for you," she said. "Good for you." She went on to tell me that she didn't envy me for having to make such a tough decision and that the teaching career will still be there in 15 years or in 20 years or whenever I decide to come back. I hugged her as she started to tear up. As the news has gradually made its way through the building, I have been amazed at the support I have received from my fellow teachers. Anyone who has said anything is happy that I have chosen to stay home. I guess I just expected to have to stand my ground a little more. I have enjoyed working with great people. I plan to finish out the year strong and then get Gracie here so we can hug her and love her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break is a Sweet Thing!

One week. No school. Beautiful. It's been going since Monday and I've attempted to fill it with out of the ordinary things. Danilo took one day off for us to spend together and we used it to do a session at the Logan Temple. Neither one of us had ever gone there before, it was neat. We had a yummy lunch afterwards.

Tuesday afternoon we got a treat. One of Danilo's radiology instructors had offered to sometime do an ultrasound for us as a sort of demo for some of her students. We jumped at the chance and got to see how much our baby girl had grown (quite a bit!) in the month since we'd last looked. We got some close-up images of her face. I don't think I'll get used to having ultrasounds. I think you can plan on continuing to see posts on how exciting it was after each one.
Spring break offers a wonderful change of pace and scenery, and what I tend to enjoy most during times like these is the extra time I get to spend with people that I love and love to be with. My mom and sisters and I especially have visited all of our favorite stores and then some.