Friday, December 18, 2009

Firsts worth blogging about

1. Gracie's first ride on the Front Runner

2. Gracie's first trip to Temple Square to see the lights

with Gracie's tias y abuelos
Cynthia & Nicole, Grandma & Grandpa

Yes, she is screaming in every picture, only because we got the camera out at the end of the trip when she was DONE rather than the beginning when she seemed to be absolutely captivated by the lights. Her fit didn't last, though. It wasn't long before she was out.

And the final first:

3. Gracie's first pony-tail. I just wanted to see if my five-month old had enough hair to do it. Cutie pie, she does.


Melissa said...

Fun, fun, times! You are 3 of my favorite people!
I love you!

Lisa said...

How fun is that! We went to the lights as well. However, we left Austin with Erin who lives across from Temple Square. Next year hopefully he will appreciate it:) I love the ponytail!! Cute girl.