Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank You Letter

Dear Cher of Love, Actually blog,
Not knowing how and when we were going to celebrate Valentines Day this year with my husband's insane work and school schedule, I did a Google search to try and find a way to do something special. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but hoped I'd find it. The Valentine's Countdown you posted was everything I was looking for!! I used probably a little more than half of your ideas and then made up some that were unique to us as husband and wife. My very favorite night was dancing to our wedding song. I teared up at the thought of how much we have experienced together and how my love for him has deepened since the last time we danced to that song. Some other favorites were

writing love letters to each other and mailing them for real

the heart attack on our bedroom wall

And the five-minute massage was a total hit.

I can say that our relationship sweetened over the last two weeks because we said and wrote and did things for each other that took time and effort motivated by love and were receiving it from each other every day in return. It was exciting and fun and love-inspiring.

Thank you so much!

Brittney Collado

And because Gracie grows faster than we do, I better get some recent pictures of her on this post, too!


Cher said...

oh, this is SO sweet! Thank you so much for posting this note for me. I'm so glad to see marriages growing and becoming sweeter because of Love Actually. It makes the time that I put into the blog much more meaningful and rewarding. I wish you all the best!...and your little girl is A.DOR.ABLE! :)

Lisa said...

What a fun idea! You are so creative!! Cute Grace.

Souli & Ashley said...

What a cute idea. That is such a thoughtful thing to do with all the busy schedule. So cute.