Sunday, March 28, 2010

60 years

These two beautiful people are my grandparents and this picture was taken on Saturday night when we celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The first time Grandma remembers seeing Grandpa, the son of German immigrants, is when he spoke in church as a youth. He had just moved to Salt Lake from New York and had a heavy Brooklyn accent. He talked about things like "'boids' in the trees" and Grandma "didn't understand a word he said."

I so admire the love between my grandparents. I can remember distinct times each of them has sat and personally told me of the strong love they have for the other. When Danilo and I were first married, Grandpa pulled us aside and told us how fun and wonderful it is to be in love with the person you married. He said, "Sometimes we're even late to places, and it's because we're kissing." :) Grandma is so proud of Grandpa and Grandpa especially makes it known how proud he is of Grandma. I've had to agree with him a number of times when he'll pull me aside and ask me, "Isn't she beautiful?"

I realized last night that all of this has trickled down to the way my dad treats my mom. When I was home and Dad would call from work, I always counted on hearing him ask for her by saying something like, "Is your GORGEOUS mom there?" I realized last night that one of the greatest things parents can do for their children is show them that they love each other and I am thankful for the people who have demonstrated this so beautifully in my life!


Christy said...

So cute and so much fun!! I use to be embarrassed when my parents would kiss in front of my friends but then I realized that it wasn't embarrassing, it was really sweet and they still loved each other!!

Hooker Family said...

Brittney! I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find your blog! It is really good to see how wonderful you are doing. Over the past several years, every now and then I would think about you and wonder how you were doing. I'm happy we will be able to keep up with each other better now!

Paula said...

This made me cry this morning to find this tucked away in the vast internet universe... thank you Brittney for your thoughtful reflections.. I think these people are soooo beautiful too.