Sunday, July 18, 2010

Change of Address

I was making breakfast one Saturday morning in our little townhome when I noticed a foreign object on the kitchen counter. It was a realtor's business card. Someone must have been through our home, probably the night before while we were in Salt Lake, and SHOOT! What did it look like when they did? Pretty decent, I discovered as I went in and out of rooms. Just not with that fresh, clean look you like to achieve before a prospective buyer walks through. Checking my email a couple of hours later, we found out that whoever had come through wanted our house and had made a darn good offer, which we accepted.

Thankful to have the move over (and thanks to family for their help!! That's the hardest thing I've done since giving birth!), we are now in my parents' basement waiting for our home to be built, which means some of my favorite people in the world are right upstairs. It is ridiculous the amount of fun I am having with my sisters.

Not having grown up in the United States, Danilo has never really picked up on the custom of not wanting to spend time with his in-laws, or even joking about it, actually :). I think that's something unique to our marriage that I am really thankful for. He's genuinely thankful for a place to live and is always looking for a way to do his share around here.

Grace, as you can imagine, is being very well taken care of.

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