Monday, August 16, 2010

so this is summer

We didn't do much playing outside with newborn Grace last summer, so making up for lost time paired with seeing the excitement of summer through our baby girl's eyes has made this summer a very memorable one! Some of the highlights were...


hike to Waterfall Canyon

our first 5K

Gracie's first s'more

meeting my dear friend Brooke White
(thanks to Danilo who relentlessly pulled me to the front of the crowd for a picture....
and really, if we ever got to spend some time together, I think we would be very good friends!)


Adam, Hilly and Wes said...

That's so funny. I remember watching that season of American Idol and every time I saw Brooke White she totally reminded me of you! :)
Glad you're having a fun summer--kids make everything better!

Darcee/Daryl said...

I am not an idol fan, and I totally watched that whole season because I loved Brooke so much!!!!