Monday, May 2, 2011

Gracie's Favorite Movie

Scroll down and hit pause on our blog soundtrack to the right for a more pleasant listening experience.

This movie plays at our house at least once a day. I don't mind because I love it, too. She will sit still and watch until the singing begins, and then she gets up to dance. I am convinced it's her Latino blood. It's not just that she wants to dance, she must dance.

Aunt Chelsea bought Gracie a Rapunzel doll
she calls anything related to Tangled "Papize"

Gracie's full sentences now include, "I love you," "I'm coming," and "They just can't get my nose right." :)


prcessmag said...

Ohhhhhhh I'm dying! She is the cutest! I love this movie so much, and I cry everytime they sing that song when they are watching the lanterns and this made me even more emotional to see her movements to the song. So so cute! Thanks for sharing this Brittney!

Erin said...

So adorable!

Heidi said...

That is so cute! It is also Houston's favorite movie right now and we watch it almost every day, but I'm ok with it because I love it too!

Kathy said...

Oh, that is SO precious! She is such a doll! What a fun stage!

aLi said...

I enjoyed this very mucho!!! Gracie's hands at the end of the video made me giggle out loud!!! LOVEd it!!!
(Sorry I know I'm way behind on this post!)