Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 in 2 Weeks

We showed Grace this picture the other day and when we asked her who it was, she said, "Grace!"

This week Grace is exactly as old as I was when this picture was taken. My mom made my dress out of one of her old prom dresses.

I did not make Gracie's outfit here out of one of my old prom dresses.

tea parties are quickly becoming Gracie's favorite pastime


Amy said...

I totally thought that was grace and was confused for a minute by this post...she really does look like you!

prcessmag said...

Wow! She looks so much like identical! I really thought it was Grace in the first picture. She's so beautiful, just like her mom! Happy Birthday to Gracie!

Lex(y) said...

I was absolutely positive Gracie's outfit was made from your old dresses, but thanks for clarifying. I feel so silly for even thinking that! Also she is your twin only a little bit browner. Way to be two and a halfsie Gracie!