Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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(Last updated September 28, 2012)

NEW: My Facebook "shop" is now open!!! A selection of jewelry and hair accessories are now available for purchase and shipment all over the U.S.

If I had hand-picked my ideal job, it wouldn't have been as good as this. I work the majority of the time from home, and when I must go out to conduct business, I have such a fun time! I sell Paparazzi products at home parties. Every piece retails for $5, except for the Starlet Shimmer section that's geared toward younger girls that sells for even less. 

Why I enjoy selling Paparazzi:
  1. I have a jewelry shop in my basement (good and bad news... an outfit never need go unaccessorized)
  2. I put as much time into it as I want to. When I work hard, it pays off. But if it ever needs to take a back burner, I can pick up where I left off when life settles back down. 
  3. Going to work means getting out and spending time with women in their homes with their friends and family for a couple hours. It provides an outlet I don't think I even knew I needed (WE HAVE FUN)!
  4. It li-te-ra-ly sells itself. It's beautiful and it's affordable.
  5. I make 45% commission off jewelry sales. I made back half of what I had put into it in one night. Plus there is the opportunity to make more through the company's compensation plan.  And most of all...
  6. It fits my stay-at-home mom lifestyle

Why women enjoy Paparazzi parties:
  1. They are low pressure. Women who came only to support a friend can get out the door for only $5....
  2. ....But most women are happily surprised to find out when they get there that they have stumbled in on something WONDERFUL... a room full of accessories where not a single one costs more than $5...
  3. ....which is naturally followed by almost zero guilt.... unless they purchase an entire display board worth.
  4. I almost forgot... almost every necklace has a small set of earrings attached. $5. Women LOVE that!

Please contact me to find out more about how it all works. Send me an email and please include your:
  • name
  • state and
  • phone number
I will be in touch with you within 24 hours. I look forward to talking to you!!

Brittney Collado

See Paparazzi's newly launched website here.

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