Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 I grabbed a picture of all the pricks on the bottom of baby Danny's feet before they healed. We went to the doctor four times in his first ten days of life to check the bilirubin levels in his blood. Like many babies, he developed jaundice by day two. They treated him with photo therapy for several hours before we left the hospital, but his levels were fairly high and so a medical supply vehicle met us here the night we brought Danny home and had a bilirubin bed waiting for us. We kept him on it as much as we possibly could, which was not always fun. We took him off for feedings and diaper changes and a couple of visitors, but otherwise he lived the first several days of his life in our home in this bed.

Danilo and I saw Man of Steel together a couple nights before Danny was born. This bed made me feel like we were in some super hero movie...our son is just laying here soaking up super power strength. :)

You tuck your baby in almost as if they were in a sleeping bag. Thankfully the cover is disposable, because on about day 6 our son punched out a hole for his arm. I told you, super human strength. :)
Gracie made sure to write about this experience in her brother's life :)
She is also happy to report that we sent the billirubin bed back a week ago and brother is doing very well  


Hooker Family said...

I'm glad the bed is gone and he's doing better! My 2nd baby also had jaundice and had to be on the bilibed. It's so hard not being able to cuddle and hold them when all you want to do is get to know them. You have an adorable family! Congratulations!

Renae said...

I'm glad he's doing better. The bilibed and foot pricks aren't any fun. Been there, done that. And so glad we avoided it the second time around. Grace is so cute. Seems like she is a very excited big sister.