Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Important Purchase

Every so often during the last two years I have been married, I have missed having a piano in my home. I started shopping KSL for something affordable and planned on probably buying a keyboard. However, I ended up discovering that I have a fetish for antique pianos. I fell in love with this one when I came across it online. Danilo offered the owner $300, she said $500. Danilo offered $400, she said $500. Danilo said $400. She said $500. Danilo said goodbye. I was sad. I continued to watch the piano for the next two weeks, and when it was still there, Danilo who loves his wife called again and said, $450, my wife really wants it, that's all we can do. She said okay. Long story short, the piano was very heavy. It took Danilo plus three former coworkers from Rent-A-Center and the owner's husband to get the piano up her stairs , on a truck, and into our home. The piano was made in 1917 and has a beautiful tone. Because the walls here in our townhome are thin, we hope our neighbors think it is beautiful, too! :)

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