Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Future Radiographer

The last few weeks have been particularly stressful for Danilo as he's begun his first semester of the radiology program. His assignments and exams have been extremely demanding. I have come to love him a little more as I watch him cope. Sometimes he'll tell me, "When I'm starting to wish all this schoolwork wasn't part of my life, I have to stop myself and remember how hard we worked and how grateful we were I got in." Anyone who knows us knows the application process was not easy! I've been watching him be smart in how he paces himself. Tonight he called to tell me he was feeling burnout coming on, so he was going to get out of the house for a few minutes to go to a pawn shop (among my husband's top five favorite things to do in his spare time). He's also very conscious of not allowing the demands of his schoolwork to come between us. If I'm home, he'll stop every couple of hours to either play a game or watch an episode of whatever's on the Discovery channel at that moment. He constantly reminds me that he wishes he could spend more time with me and makes sure I know he's doing this for the good of our family. I am one blessed girl. My sweet Danilo is precious to me!


hachter_1982 said...

We are so proud of Danilo!! Hang in there! It will get easier!! We love you both so much!!

Mom & Dad Achter

Amy said...

We know all to well the demands schooling can inflict on your life. Luke goes through similar things in Medical School. It is tough for them to juggle all that life throws at them. It is not easy for you either. Keep up the good work and you will be blessed for it. Luke likes it better now that he doesn't work so that he can focus on school and me and the kids more than before. Good Luck I know you guys can do it!!