Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wohoo David!!

This afternoon while we were at Sunday dinner with my family, my sister Hailey reminded Chelsea and Andrew and me of our fifteen seconds of fame last May. We had followed that season of American Idol pretty seriously and the night of the final results, we drove down to the Energy Solutions Arena to watch it live from Los Angeles with a bunch of other David Archuleta fans. I'd never done anything like that before, and it was so fun. The excitement and energy in the air was so thick. We got to be the crowd of screaming fans when American Idol showed David's home state. David's grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins were a few rows up from us. A few celebrities and all kinds of media were there. We got to see the "crushing" results live an hour before the rest of Utah (I say "crushing" because I enjoy both of the Davids, which wasn't a popular opinion that night). We couldn't keep our mouths shut on the way home between our excitement and disappointment. After I dropped off my Hays and Chels and Andrew I rushed home to Danilo to catch the 9:00 news because Fox 13 had interviewed Andrew and me before the show had started and I wanted to see if we had gotten on. I walked in the door just in time to see not only Andrew and me interviewed, but several shots showing Hailey, Chelsea, Andrew, me, or different combinations of two or three of us. Of course we weren't the only ones on that spot for the news that night, we just couldn't believe how many times we showed up on the screen! More fun followed as the neighbors started knocking on the door and text messages and phone calls poured in on both mine and Danilo's phone. The fun continued the next day as every time I rounded a corner at school, a second grader or fourth grader or sixth grader or secretary would tell me, "I saw you on TV last night!" Everybody in the family had similar stories to tell when they got home. Jamie Gilland in Hailey's ward came across this video and told her today. Thanks to Hailey for holding up the TWO David Archuleta posters, I think that's why we made it into this VH1 clip (click the picture to follow the link)!


Dianne said...

Hey! You old young woman in my ward who read a hard book with me,
"Jesus the Christ!" Now do you know who I am? Aren't you impressed this old bag would blog? I love seeing you every once in a while!

Amy said...

I think that would have been so awesome. I also follow American Idol. It's so nice to relax after the kids are in bed and watch Idol. I alway have my favorite's and the David's were both on top of my list. It was fun to see how far they really got. It's also fun to get to be on TV. Congrats! Luke, Ryan, and I were on Fox 29 News in Philadelphia before we even moved here. We were interviewed at the airport flying home to Utah after finding a new place to live here. It was fun to go back and watch later online.

Emily said...

hey you!! I just found your blog and wanted to say HI and tell you how cute you two are!! Love that American Idol!!

aLi said...

dang Brittney, I am so impressed by your TV skills!!! :)
I'm sorry, it's taken me forever to come back and leave you a comment... don't feel guilty for blog stalking me!!!! Do it anytime you feel like it!!! My confession: I've checked out your blog before, too! So, we're both guilty. ha! I am so glad to see you and read about your life! I will check in every now and then!!!