Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Thing I'm Not an Astronaut

Last weekend before real life started back up again, our friends James and Amy invited us to the Woody family's cabin in the Uintahs. I learned to more fully appreciate husbands as the girls put dinner together while the men hauled all the stuff from the car up to the cabin on snowmobile. The next morning we went snowmobiling. We layered up since it was somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees outside. I didn't expect to have a minor anxiety attack when I put my helmet on. Apparently I am slightly claustrophobic. I was okay as I sat, made sure I was breathing and told myself helmets are to protect you, not to suffocate you. I told my mom about the experience and she said it's probably a good thing I'm not an astronaut. Once the wind and snow started flying by, I was glad we had them on. Good grief, we had a good time.

If you were looking at the ultra sound picture from the last post and now are looking at the snowmobile pictures and feeling a little concerned, know that when the expectant mom was on the snowmobile, just as jumps were approaching we slowed WAY down. Unlike everyone else, I never caught any air.

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Amy said...

That looked like so much fun. I sure miss the snow. All we get is rain and ice. I hope there is some in Utah when we come visit in March. But like you said be careful with the little one inside. Although I know you will be. How are you feeling now days anyway? I hope all is well.