Friday, January 30, 2009

It'll Be So Cool Babe!

I don't know to what I should attribute my silly face in this picture. But I do want you to take a good look at Danilo's plate. This was a night out at Chuck-A-Rama where Danilo feels a solemn obligation to eat his money's worth. He's reaching the end of his meal here with a smathering of everything at the dessert bar. Inevitably after an evening at such a buffet I will hear, "I ATE SO MUCH! That's it babe, that's it. From now on, Perfect Diet." And the next morning as he gets ready in the bathroom I answer questions like, "Do you think I'm still in as good of shape as when you married me?" Danilo has begun the Perfect Diet approximately 124 times since we were married (that's an average of once a week). However, it's taken on a new twist. Danilo had this great idea when he found out he was going to be a dad that HE AND I COULD WEIGH THE SAME when I reach my heaviest point of pregnancy. For some reason, that's been the motivation he's needed to only have one helping at dinner, get up the first time the alarm rings to go to the gym, and thank me for keeping the treats in the pantry limited. He's averaged losing a pound a week. I'm planning on gaining quite a few once the baby starts to weigh pounds and not ounces in the next few months. He told me, "It'll be so cool, babe! We'll weigh the same!" Hmph. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, Happy Perfect Diet Sweetheart!!"

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