Friday, March 13, 2009

The Ever Important 20 Weeks!

Last Thursday Danilo and I had an appointment with an ultra sound tech to see our baby again at the 20 week mark. I hadn't felt a lot of movement inside and so was very excited to see we have a very active baby!! The tech flattered us by telling us how DARLING our baby was and by the end of the appointment was almost absolutely certain that we've got a little girl on the way.

Sweet baby foot!

So what does this mean for the name debate? I love the name Grace. To me it's timeless and classic. It won't be too big for her when she's born and it will grow up with her. I love the thought of calling her Gracie, and she can decide which she'd rather go by. When I think of Grace, I think of, well, grace, and poise and beautiful things, as well as the grace of God. Danilo likes it somedays, and not so much on others. His main argument is that people will call her "Crazy Gracie," since almost anyone who speaks Spanish knows the word "crazy" in English and a Spanish "z" sounds more like an s. Then it sounds more like "Crasy Gracie." Yeah, it rhymes. At this point in the conversation (we've had it many times) I tell him you can do that with any name, and tell him about my mom's cousin Danny who would lovingly refer to me as Brat-ney. We'll keep you posted on this one, too!


Amy said...

Don't you love the ultrasound pictures. It makes it more real. I think your baby girl will be darling. My girl is quite the drama queen now but I remember when she was born and it is the most amazing moment. Good Luck with the pregancy! Congrats on having a girl!

Lynlee said...

Congratulations! Lee and I are so excited for you. Best wishes as you keep getting closer to the big day!

Lisa said...

OH how fun! Congrats on your girl! I love the name Grace. I think that would fit your little girl perfectly!