Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Her Presence Known

The expectant mom was expecting to be bigger by this point (exactly five months along), but at least I know she's in there. Today the junior high band came and put on a mini-concert to hopefully recruit some of our students in the near future. Little Gracie (the name is actually growing on her dad) was clearly very aware of her surroundings. When the percussion started thumping and the horns started blaring and the rest of the band started doing their thing, I got a kick out of feeling my little girl rock and reel inside. I was disappointed when it was over!


Amy Lyne said...

You look so good Brit! Isn't that the best feeling when the baby moves around! It is such a fun little secret during the day! Just wait until she really starts jabbing you in the ribs :)

Jenni said...

Hooray! How fun to "see" you! It has been too long. Congrats on your little babe on the way :) When are you due? I am due August 2nd. Sounds like you are a few weeks ahead of me. I have been feeling my little guy bouce all over the place for weeks now. This past week I have actually been WATCHING him kick and push and flop around. Isn't it so fun? I love the constant evidence that he really is in there and obviously alive and well. I'm so glad you found me! It will be fun to keep up on what's going on with you.

aLi said...

oooh! Britney! You look adorable! I am excited for you! I think that is cool about your baby (Grace) being raised in a bilingual family. I can totally see your daughter's name being Grace, too. I check in on you every now and then, I hope things go smoothly for you!!!