Monday, May 4, 2009

It'll Be So Cool Babe: Part II

(If you haven't yet, see It'll Be So Cool Babe!)

DANILO: "So how much do you weigh these days?"

BRITTNEY: "I don't know, but you're sure looking fit!"

The Perfect Diet is no longer a joke. It was not merely a passing phase. Danilo dilligently goes to the gym five or six times a week, eats one helping at dinner, and keeps record of exactly how many cookies, bite-sized candy bars, single M&Ms etc. he's consumed each day. He's getting so stinkin' handsome (as if that had been an issue)! In the meantime his wife, whose torso is the current home of their unborn daughter, continues to see numbers on the scale that haven't ever appeared in that order before. Do we weigh the same? I'm not broadcasting that information online. :)


Nate & Mandi said...

Yay I just found your blog though Jackie's blog! :) I am so excited for you guys to have your baby!!!! Congratulations!

Lisa said...

Hey when are we going to get together??? Only 3 more weeks of school!!!! Ahhh! We definitely should have a party.

c said...

She's adorable. What a cute little puff of black hair! And you look pretty darn good in the post labor pictures. Especially after having had your tail bone broken! Yikes!
Love cindy cross