Thursday, June 25, 2009

mod podge

In my recent adult life, I have been in meetings for Young Women or Primary or school or various get-togethers where women are talking about craft ideas and say, "We could mod podge it." And I nod my head and agree while inside I'm thinking, "YOU could mod podge it. I don't have that type of craft experience!" To me it sounded like an advanced skill that I was not qualified to tackle. I didn't even really know what the end result looked like. But my aunt Neyka has been giving me ideas for Gracie's room and suggested that I mod podge some picture frames with scrapbook paper that matched her bedding. Feeling amibitious yesterday, I did a google search to see just what that would entail. After a trip to Michael's and Wal-Mart and a couple of hours with scissors and paper and mod podge, I discovered what mod podge is NOT: scary, hairy, or hard. I also discovered what it is: white, sticky, and inspiring! I had so much fun! I even ventured past picture frames. In fact, as I was in bed not sleeping last night (which is apparently the way things roll in the eighth month of pregnancy), I was imagining all the places I could apply my new skill. I imagined our bedroom door all mod podged in some pretty something that would complement the room. I won't do it, though. I'm thinking I should turn the next post over to Danilo before this becomes a crafty, recipe, housekeeping blog. Please keep coming back, I'll keep trying to keep it interesting.


Jackie Norris said...

That looks so cute! You did a great job :) I was introduced to Mod Podge sometime last year and had pretty much the same experience...fear and then utter excitement when I realized I could do it! P.S. I LOVE the name Grace! So cute!

The Posse said...

This is your favorite sister Hailey... you are so very talented. I'm still in the mod podge fear stage. I don't think I've ever even used mod podge in my verbal vocabulary. That will have to change.