Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweetest Day

Gracie was blessed this past Sunday and as I look back I realize what a truly special day it was. She was blessed in the same dress my Grandma Parke made for my blessing 25 years ago.

Her dad gave her a wonderful blessing. I truly felt like the heavens were opening and Danilo was speaking to Grace on her Heavenly Father's behalf. He wasn't wearing a t-shirt and shorts at the time. That was after, when we got to the park. The men in their black suit coats were a little jealous he'd had time to run home and change. My parents said this picture belongs in an aftershave ad... tough yet soft.

Gracie had all of her grandparents there...

I had all of my grandparents there...I am so fortunate to still have them! (See Grandma Parke above, apparently Grandpa Parke didn't get dragged into any of the pictures.)

All of Gracie's adoring aunts...
And Uncle Andrew.
Thanks to my aunts and uncles and cousins who helped with the luncheon afterward and made the day so meaningful by being there. We love you!! Y tambien mandamos saludos y mucho amor a nuestra familia en Chile.


Howard said...

It really was a special day for us Brittney. Just for frame of reference I started my mission September 6, 1979 - 30 years to the day that Grace was blessed!

Melissa said...

Heaven on earth!

Love Mom

Souli & Ashley said...

I was so glad to see your comment. You have a beautiful little girl. I love all that hair. Don't you love it. I loved that my kids had a ton of hair. Its so good to see what you are up too.