Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As mentioned in the previous post, little things have become a very big deal lately. I usually can't wait for Halloween to be over so we can get on with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but having Grace around this year made this Halloween the most fun I've had since I was nine!!

Gracie spent Halloween with friends

Grace with Austin Bergstrom

and family

Grace with Uncle Andrew

and pulled off quite a sweet black cat.

Now the only problem is figuring out how to get her cat nose off before church this morning.

Soap and water didn't work last night. Almay lipstick is powerful stuff (on lips and noses)!!


Souli & Ashley said...

Cute little kittie. She's is darling. I love Halloween now that I have kids to dress up.

Lisa said...

Hahaha...oh gosh that last picture totally cracked me up!! She is so cute. I'm glad we got to see you guys!

Melissa said...

Hey sweetie, I'm wondering if the red on her cheeks was from the make-up from Halloween. ? When Tammy stopped by with Amy trick-or-treating, she asked where our kitty was. We told her she was in the garage. (She wasn't talking about Eppie!)She told us she may have to call the authorities. We had a good laugh! Love you!!