Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last night I saw some footage from Haiti that included a baby girl being given a bath in a washtub on the street. It especially tugged on my heart because there are mommas in Haiti who love their baby girls like I love mine. I haven't yet figured out how to cope with large-scale tragedies like this in the world. Why do I get to snuggle up next to my husband with my little girl on the couch tonight and watch a movie while people in Haiti are pouring their loved ones into mass graves? So I'm trying to learn to cope by exercising my faith that God is the Ultimate Father. He must love and care deeply for His children. I trust that He is all-knowing. He has the answers to all the questions and situations in life that perplex me and He will help me understand them if and when I need to. I believe prayer is a power strong enough to pour a feeling of comfort and love over a nation and so when I pray for Haiti, I am helping. And because we have so much, I want to give.


Melissa said...

Hey Sweetie, I was a young mom thinking the exact same things you were about my first little girl! Here is my journal entry from:

September 28, 1985
With so much misery and sadness in the world I really have more than my share of happiness. My life is so good and rewarding. My good husband who loves me, my beautiful daughter, the gospel, I have so much, I am truly blessed. I've had time to think about all my blessings this past week as a terrible and too realistic even has taken place in Mexico. Last Thursday (one week and 2 days ago) a devastating earthquake rocked Mexico City. The endless pain portrayed on television of people losing their loved ones has hit me particularly hard. A hospital fell to the ground trapping countless people inside; dead and alive, bodies are shown embedded between concrete and steel, men worked unceasingly trying to save those still alive. And then there was heard a small cry, men had tunneled their way through untold debris to what had been the maternity and nursery wing of the hospital. It had been 5 days, and as I watched the television, I saw a small blanket being lifted from tons and tons of snapped and broken concrete, and there on my TV I saw the tiny face of a 5 day old infant who had been born the day of the earthquake. Cut and bruised, she was alive; and suddenly it was my baby...dark black hair, tiny body, it might have been my baby, I held her tight as I watched. Soon two more babies were found and then another, still clutched in her dead mothers arms...why? Why are such horrible things allowed to happen? I prayed for them, wept with them and pitied them. Most of all I was grateful for everything I had and suddenly my problems didn't seem important.

Faith is what we continue to have in an all-knowing God. Our ways are not His ways. Thank you for your link, I put it to good use!

I love you!

DaniloandBrittney said...

Wow, Momma. That's beautiful. I don't even know what to say. I love you!