Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I have discovered Downton Abbey and my life will never be the same

Can you relate? Does this music cause your heart to speed up too?

I am completely enamored by the story and its characters. The other night when the end of the episode found Mr. Bates in a desperate situation, I almost mentioned him in my prayers. I didn't think I'd ever say it, but Dr. Quinn has met her match. Thanks to Mom for introducing me, to Karlene for lending us the seasons (hopefully we had them back before you even knew about it :), and Danilo for watching it with me (was that supposed to be a secret? I love you. :)


Francisca Donoso said...

We started to watch it a few weeks ago! We heard from it in "How I met your mother" ahahaa.

Francisca Donoso Jimenez

Renae said...

Funny. I just mentioned that show to my sister today. I've seen season 1 and was glued to it. At some point I need to catch up and watch the other two seasons.