Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There Is Life After Thrush

I am generally fairly private about matters like these, but if anyone is desperately searching for help like I was and happens upon this post and it helps, I will be so happy to have been able to help.

Long story short, nursing has been EXTRAORDINARILY painful with baby Danny, which surprised me, because it completely went off without a hitch with Grace. I have discovered nursing is NOT like riding a bike. You CAN forget how to do it properly. One thing led to another and I developed a horrendous case of thrush.

Someone said that most women would voluntarily choose labor again over thrush.... If that labor comes with an epidural, mark me as a definitely.

During this time, the internet became my best and worst friend. I sorted through dozens of suggestions from women and doctors on how to cure thrush. Many of the suggestions left me with more questions. But nothing was so straight-forward, direct, and helpful as the link below.

If you find yourself with a case of thrush, read these instructions and follow them to a T. In three day's time, you will come to know why I am leaning towards naming my next son Jack (make sure to read the handout on gentian violet). 

That's all I'm going to say except to thank my dear friend Margo for her help, and to leave you with this picture of my sweet boy on our road to recovery. Questions... please please please email me at brittneycollado@gmail.com.

purple mouth from gentian violet

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The Brown's said...

I have struggled with this with every baby! It's terrible. And frustrating because I feel like no one can help. With my last baby, things finally went better. I detected it early on and was treated quickly.....9 times, but quickly. Make sure you treat you and the baby everytime you start to hurt. I was persistent with this and finally conquered it. I also avoided anything with yeast in it (and most sugar) while I was infected. My neighbor even went on a "candida diet" that she says worked. Anyway, I feel your pain. I'm glad you are getting some relief now. With my 2nd I don't think it ever went away. It was horrible.